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“The aides who are with my mom are wonderful. They are compassionate and caring.”

– Anonymous

Q: Can my aide take me to my doctor’s appointment?

A: Absolutely! Your aide can take you wherever you need to go, including the grocery store, hair dresser, bank, etc. for a nominal mileage fee. Our aides receive reimbursement for their travels in the amount set by the IRS, so mileage will be adjusted accordingly with the new rates set by the government. This usually occurs in January and July, and we will give you notice as soon as we receive it.


Q: What types of cleaning can my aide provide?

A: Your aide can perform light housekeeping including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, refrigerator cleaning, bathroom cleaning, taking out trash, laundry, etc. Your caregiver will not wash windows, walls or drapes; do lawn work; shovel snow; wash cars; etc. Please call the office with any questions on what chores your aide is responsible for.


Q: Why do the aides take notes?

A: It’s very important that your caretaker takes notes during their visits with you. If there is more than one aide working, it’s crucial for them to be familiar with your routine. In addition, sometimes your doctor will ask us to keep track of food or fluid intake to monitor your condition. Our notes are extremely helpful to your physician in determining your treatment plan, so it is recommended that you take your caregiver notes along to doctor appointments. Furthermore, we have noticed that family members like to read over notes to see how you’re doing.


Q: Why can’t I have the same aide all the time?

A: In the event your regular caretaker is on vacation or out sick, it is important to have more than 1 aide who is familiar with you. We have a strict policy to try to keep our aides restricted to working no more than 40 hours a week so as to prevent a ‘burnout.’ Schuylkill Home Care understands keeping our aides happy and healthy ensures quality caretaking for our clients and a better environment for all involved.


Q: What if I do not like my aide? Can I request a new one?

A: Certainly! While we try our best to match our aides with clients, unfortunately it can be difficult to foretell how personalities will mesh. If for some reason you are not comfortable with your new caretaker, please call the office as soon as possible. It is not unusual for this to occur, but please do not wait to see if the situation gets better or be afraid of hurting your caretaker’s feelings. Our aides are professionals and know that it’s not personal; we want to make your experience with us as comfortable and satisfying as possible.


Q: Will I be able to change hours?

A: Yes. The hours you initially requested might change over time due to changes in your needs. Please call the office at your convenience and we’ll be happy to help you with your new schedule.


Q: Can my aide cook special meals?

A: Absolutely! Our aides love to cook for our clients as it is fun for all involved. Many of our clients are diabetics or have other medically necessitated diets. We request you provide a daily meal plan (usually provided by your doctor) and your caretaker will follow it. Your caretaker will also make any special meals as long as they have the recipe and ingredients needed.


Q: Are the aides insured?

A: The aides at Schuylkill Home Care are fully insured and bonded.


Q: Are the aides provided with any training?

A: All of our caregivers are trained in accordance with the guidelines of the Pennsylvania Department of Health; receive at least 12 hours of additional training per year; and also receive OSHA and home safety training during their orientation.


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