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Why Seniors Should Share With Younger People

By Schuylkill Home Care, Feb 7 2019 03:07PM

How to Help Seniors Connect with Younger People

One of the struggles many seniors face is feeling disconnected from others. Connecting seniors with younger generations gives meaning and enjoyment.

Isolation, loneliness, and sense of purposelessness all contribute to depression in seniors. When seniors have the opportunity to pass on knowledge, their quality of life can improve.

Seniors have hard-earned wisdom, skills, and love to share. Helping seniors connect with others, especially younger people, is beneficial for everyone.

What Seniors Have to Offer Younger Generation

There is no age at which people stop having something to contribute to others. Seniors actually have a lot to offer to younger generations, including their wisdom, experience, and friendship.

Some of what seniors can pass down include:

● Recipes they’ve created and/or mastered

● Games or hobbies that people of all ages enjoy

● Advice from all sorts of real life experiences

● Skills like knitting, drawing, woodworking, etc.

● Memories of history/ observations of cultural changes

● Family history and relationship advice

● A great example of listening and caring well

Every individual senior will have different treasures accumulated throughout life that they can share with others. Talk to senior to find out what they are passionate about and then connect them with youth who share similar interests.

How Seniors and Younger Generation can Connect

Seniors and younger people can connect throughout a variety of programs, as well as personal relationships.

* Volunteering

Whether seniors contact a local school and ask how they can help or they sign up with a program, there are many ways they can volunteer with younger people. Many libraries, preschools, child care programs, clubs, and religious programs welcome older volunteers.

* Writing

The wisdom, stories, and lessons seniors have amassed over their lives are valuable. Senior can write a memoir, record their voice while they tell a stories, or ask for transcription assistance from younger people.

* Using Technology

Technology today allows seniors to connect with younger people anywhere.using skype or a similar program, seniors can have conversations or teach skills to youth all over the world. Some schools also support virtual pen pal relationships between seniors and kids.

Reasons Seniors Should Connect with Younger People

#1 reason: seniors and young people can learn from each other

Other reasons include:

● Improved quality of life for seniors

● Greater sense of purpose

● Companionship

● Sharpens seniors memories

● Exposing youth to the aging process develops compassion

● Strengthening communities

Younger Groups Seniors can Connect With

● Children/grandchildren/neighborhood kids

● Boys and girls clubs like 4-H or boys scouts

● Religious classes or groups

● Library reading groups

● School classes needing volunteers

● Vocational tech groups

● Daycare/preschools

● After school programs

Home Care Tip

If a senior has physical limitations or communication issues, it may be best for seniors to volunteer by working on projects at home. For example, a senior could recorded stories or make crafts that they help deliver to family members or other people instead of working alongside them out of their home.

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